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Language And The Euro

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When Bulgaria issues Euro cash, if the Greek model is adopted, the choice spelling will go on the nationwide (obverse) side. 10 euro notice from the new Europa series written in Latin (EURO) and Greek (ΕΥΡΩ) alphabets, but additionally within the Cyrillic (ЕВРО) alphabet, as a result of Bulgaria joining the European Union in 2007.


The transition will happen as soon as the nation meets all the euro convergence criteria; it currently meets three of the five criteria, the exception being its membership for at least two years of the EU’s official change rate mechanism (ERM II). Bulgarian euro coins have not yet been designed, however their motif has been chosen to be the Madara Rider.

Two plurals are given, euro when referring to an quantity, and euroer when referring to coins. Both cent and eurocent are talked about; the plural and singular types are identical. The first series had only the standard Latin alphabet “EURO” and the Greek “ΕΥΡΩ”. The name of the single forex must be the same in all the official languages of the EU, considering the different alphabets. This is to ensure consistency and to keep away from confusion in the single market.

In German Usenet culture, the name Fragezeichen (question mark) was sometimes used in reference to preliminary issues with display of the euro signal, which was usually rendered as a query mark. The term was most often written utilizing the mock foreign money code FRZ.